Benefits of Vitamin B12 to fighting cocks

The benefits of giving vitamin B12 to fighting cocks as I observed are it helps in the regulation of the nervous system of fighting cocks and help reduce stress, vitamin B12 helps to converts carbohydrates into glucose and in result it will increase energy production and help to decrease fatigue of fighting cocks. Vitamin B12 can contribute to the power and strength of fighting cocks.

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Do Blanketed Horses Get Enough Vitamin D?


Many horses today have wardrobes that rival those of their owners—winter rugs, turnout sheets, rain covers, fly gear, and more. We know these blankets can help keep horses warm, dry, and fly-free, but how they impact some aspects of horse health remain unclear. Take vitamin D, for example: Horses need sunlight to synthesize this vitamin that’s important for bone health. So does blanketing affect their ability to produce it? That’s what a research team from New Zealand recently tried to find out.

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